Let’s get their light
shining again.

As your child’s therapist, I work to build resilience, independence, self-regulation, and connection with peers. And as a parent myself, I know how dedicated you are to helping your child find happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging. I have the tools and experience to help you bring those dreams to life.

In my career I have had the privilege to work at five wildly different schools (including private, international, public, and special education) and serve children with diverse needs and strengths. These experiences have informed not only my understanding of teens, but also have given me a deep understanding of the types of issues facing teens at school. I regularly coordinate with school counselors to better understand the challenges facing your child at school and to make suggestions for how the school staff can best support your child.

Having sat on both sides of the IEP table, as an educator and as an advocate, I can advise you as you navigate acquiring the accommodations and services your child needs and even attend IEP meetings or refer you to an advocate when a situation has become particularly contentious.

If troubling behaviors or meltdowns are what bring you to therapy, we will work together with a combination of parents-only sessions and sessions with your child to help restore a more peaceful environment for your family. I will help boost your confidence as parents by expanding your toolbox for managing issues as they arise without losing your cool (or your mind!).